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Feng Shui Design Consultancy

Ancient Chinese Geomancy

Feng Shui - (Prounced "Fung Schway") - An ancient Chinese art and science discussing how the environment interacts with your own energy (your Yi) and how best to understand and harness these forces to benefit your well-being. Looking into different areas of your living space, where "Sha" may be (negative Qi carrying inauspicious currents that can influence you well-being)  and how best to create a harmonious space that may improve your health, help attract a partner and help increase your wealth.  In the Feng Shui consultation you will understand how your environment can help you distinguish that which brings favourable Qi from that which brings unfavourable Qi, and learn how to remedy inauspicious situations. The simplest of modifications can turn your home onto a comfortable, prosperous and healthy haven.

Since I founded Phoenix Rising in 2013 I have been slowly adding the Chinese Arts to my knowledge base. I have recently undergone an intensive two year training with The London School of Feng shui and am a qualified Feng Shui Consultant in accordance with the the International Feng Shui Guild.

Feng Shui Assessment (Online or in person)
Prices start from £200* (depending on size of property)
* for a single room






Consultation Details

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What you need to provide


Hand drawn/digital
floor plan


A completed


Date of Birth


Desire for

What you will receive

  • A Comprehensive list of recommended Cures and Enhancements along with either a written report or a full verbal feedback session. 

  • Floor plans showing where each area of the Bagua (energy map) is

  • Geopathic stress detection and removal and space clearing if needed

Feng Shui


Modern Dining Room
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