Yi Jing Oracle Consultation and Feng Shui advice

Chinese Metaphysics

Yi Jing (prounced "ee jing") also known as the I Ching is one of the most important books to come out of China. Yi Jing can be translated as "The Classical text of the nature of change" 

Through the study if Yi Jing it is possible to glimpse through a window of time, and understand the various vibrational frequencies that make up the fabric of our existence, and divine exactly how these different frequencies interplay with one another to create our experience of the passage of time. This is the nature of divination in this sense - we are not telling the future!

The Yi Jing is comprised of 8 key symbols known as trigrams or gua which are 8 different types of Qi known as the Ba Gua . The key 8 symbols are formed of combinations of either solid or broken lines representing the two great poles of Yin and Yang. It is through the study of these 8 gua and the further 64 sixline symbols known as hexagrams which shows their interplays and relationships and show us the different ways in which time can unfold over the course of an event. This is how the nature of change is understood.     

Yi Jing Oracle Consultation (using the King Wen method) provides answers and offers interpretations of great wisdom to specifically targeted questions using classical methods with yarrow stalks for finding the gua pertinent to the reading you are taking, and consulting the "Yi Jing" - Book of Changes. An example of questions for a reading may be - What is the nature of this event? What can I do to change the nature of this event? We never ask a yes/no or a trivial question. It must be something of importance. Once the ritualistic space has been set up in the clinic, both you and Lydia hold the intention of the question whilst Lydia performs the ritualistic component of casting the reading using the yarrow stalks to attain one of the 64 hexagrams, then seek guidance in the Book of Changes - The Yi Jing.

A 45 minute Yi Jing Oracle consultation with Lydia in the clinic chargeable at £80

Feng Shui - (Prounced "Fung Schway") - A basic discussion of an ancient Chinese art and science discussing how the environment interacts with your own energy (your Yi) and how best to understand and harness these forces to benefit your well-being. Looking into different areas of your living space, where "Sha" may be (negative Qi carrying inauspicious currents that can influence you well-being)  and how best to create a harmonious space that may improve your health, help attract a partner and help increase your wealth.  In the 45 minute Feng Shui consultation you will learn about the fundamental principles of Feng Shui, Yin and Yang, the Five Phases, and how understanding your environment can help you distinguish that which brings favourable Qi from that which brings unfavourable Qi, and learn how to remedy inauspicious situations. The simplest of modifications can turn your home onto a comfortable, prosperous and healthy haven. Chargeable at £80 for 45 minute consultation.