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For each individual treatment


Ancient and TCM Acupuncture

Initial Consultation including first treatment £80 for a 70 minute appointment.
Follow up 45 minute appointments costing £50. 


Tui Na Chinese Massage

45 minute appointment is £50 with the option to add Cupping at no additional cost.
Tui Na can also be added to any Acupuncture treatment starting at £20 for 15 minutes and up to 45 minutes at £50.

Young woman getting treatment at medical

Chinese Cupping Therapy

Can be an add - on therapy to acupuncture and Tui Na at no extra cost, or a stand alone treatment chargeable at £40 for half an hour or £50 for 45 minutes. 
Standard, Slide and Flash cupping methods used.

Golden Chinese Zodiac.jpg

Chinese Astrology Destiny Chart

Basic Bazi Chinese Astrology Destiny Chart - Includes calculation of Natal Chart, and discussion of your Day Master, your constitution, strengths and weakness and how to use this knowledge to get the full potential from your life. Chargeable at £160 per 45 minute recorded appointment via zoom, for new readings and assessments and £60 for detailed follow ups for those that have previously consulted me.

Advanced Bazi Chinese Astrology Destiny Chart - Includes Basic chart reading with added analysis of Luck Pillars, Hidden Stems, and what the current yearly energy and future events have the potential to be auspicious or inauspicious. Chargeable at £200 per 60 minute recorded appointment via zoom, for new readings and assessments and £100 for detailed follow ups for those that have previously consulted me. 

A 4000 word written report is also available costing £220 for new readings and assessments.

I ching ancient Chinese oracle with Yiji

Yi Jing - Divination Casting Consultation

Explore Classical Chinese Divination with Lydia, using the Ancient Chinese method of Casting the Yarrow Stalks derived from the Chinese Philosophical School - The original form of the Yi Jing. Consulting the Ancient Yi Jing Oracle (Book of changes) understanding what your given Hexagram reading means for you personally.  You speak -  a query, a question - some felt need - and something we know not of, speaks back. From an Ancient context The Book of changes will offer wisdom and advice about a said given situation. We are looking at synchronicity and affinity, universal knowledge, deriving information from asking for guidance about what the situation is, and what to do.  Chargeable at £100 per 45 minute appointment.

Tomato Soup

Chinese Food Therapy Consultation

Lydia will generally always discuss Chinese food therapy to some extend within her Acupuncture treatments, however if you require a bespoke consultation with your completed food diary and personal Chinese medicine diagnosis than a separate consultation appointment can be made. £80 for 45 minutes.


NADA protocol Auricular (Ear) acupuncture

£50 for a 45 minute appointment session.
Treatment tailored specifically towards your needs-nicotine addiction / weight loss / stress, anxiety, PTSD, or just a general detox the NADA protocol (National Acupuncture Detox Association) can help


Private Qi gong lesson


Qi Gong uses postures, movement sequences, breathing patterns, meditation and the mind. They are a basic resource for maintaining your health and well-being, recovering your health when it declines. 

£40 per hour privately either in the great outdoors or for an additional £18 fee in 108 Stourvales Road - YMCA in Southbourne.


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