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Tui Na Chinese Massage

Stimulate the flow of energy

Tui Na is more than just a "massage" - It is one of the four main branches of Chinese Medicine (alongside Acupuncture, Herbal and Food therapy Medicine and Qi Gong). Tui Na is one of the oldest forms of bodywork and a subtle energy medicine which encompasses acupressure, massage techniques, assisted stretching and joint mobilisations or adjustments of which is all based of the key medical principles and diagnostics of the Classics of Chinese Medicine. Tui Na is a whole medical system that can be used to treat the whole body using the principles of Chinese Medicine, with Tongue, Pulse and consultation used to diagnose.

Generally performed over clothing, and/or Tui Na sheet, (although using medicated oils like Woodlock or Red Tiger Balm when required) this ancient bodywork will promote balance and harmony, stimulate Qi flow and generally make you feel free of tension!

This Massage can be applied to Shoulders / Neck / Head / Back / Limbs and Abdomen. Chargeable at £40 for 30 minutes or £50 for 45 minutes.

Conditions Tui Na massage can treat :


  • neck and back pain

  • musculo-skeletal disorders

  • premenstrual syndrome

  • fatigue and insomnia

  • carpal tunnel

  • headaches

  • arthritis

  • osteoporosis

  • stress

  • digestive conditions

  • respiratory conditions

Swedish Massage

Oriental Foot Massage

Get happy feet!

Tui Na Oriental Meridian Foot Massage offers a wide range of benefits both physiological to psychological for all systems of the body. There are Traditional Chinese Schools who treat using the feet alone. The distal acu-points on the feet treat a myriad of health issues, and in fact Ancient Chinese Tui Na techniques on the feet even claim to have been the root of many reflexology schools.

Depending on the issue, Tui Na techniques may be applied on the calves, legs and back to open up the channels with possible work on alignment of hips and posture in general. If just a fatigue issue than the focus will probably be mainly on the feet. This treatment can also be an add - on in your appointment if there is time or as an extra 15 / 30 minutes on top of your treatment.

Chargeable at £20 for 15minutes / £40 for 30 minutes through to £50 for 45 minutes.

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