Chinese Astrology Natal Chart -
Basic Fixed Reading

Whats your potential?

Ba Zi - (Prounced "Bar Zer") is your Destiny Astrological Chart which is a calculation using your birth details. This basic analysis can be used for understanding character, relationships and to give insights into personal drives, strengths and weaknesses. You can use this knowledge to potentially initiate change. Also, we calculate the inherent energies for the year, month, day and hour that you were born know as the Heavenly Stems and the Earthly Branches of the Four Pillars Chart. 

By looking at details of your individual "Day Master", and also the balance of Yin and Yang as well the five elemental energies that make up your Natal chart. We can, for example, analyse your default emotional state, better understand how others perceive you and how you personally process information. You should then be able to use this knowledge to help provide solutions to any issues you may have.

This is the basic chart we use whenever you have an acupuncture treatment here at Phoenix Rising. However, as there isn't always time to have a stand alone BaZi analysis done at the same time as receiving an acupuncture treatment, please feel free to make an additional appointment. 

Please note that the consultant will have already pre-analysed your BaZi chart prior to the consultation, thus saving valuable reading time, which is otherwise meant for the client, and therefore your consultant will be fully prepared for your BaZi
 reading, which is included in the cost.

If you would like an 45 minute consultation via Zoom discussing your Basic Fixed Natal Chinese Birth Chart, we have a standard £60 fee. 

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Ba-Zi. The Four Pillars of Destiny, Chin

Advanced Chinese Astrology Destiny Chart

What Choices can you make in your Future?

An Advanced BaZi Astrology Chart reading is where we analyse the progressive aspects of a persons chart. We usually focus on the year and months ahead and we will also look at the following aspects:

The Hidden stems - that aspect of you that is hidden away, and which is not shown at the forefront of you personality. 

Analysing Luck pillars - which gives an indication of a person's luck in various periods of 10 year cycles. Here we can see the events, circumstances and opportunities around you.

By analysing what the particular yearly energy has in hold for you through looking at your very individual BaZi chart, we can see what potential opportunities may appear for you in the future. The yearly energy is like a trigger for the events, circumstances and opportunities that the 10 year Luck cycles have upon an individual.

By looking at the monthly pillars - what the monthly energies tell us - we can explore the favourable or unfavourable timings for the time ahead. We would be able to advise when the likelihood of better opportunities might be or when most likelihood of success, and which months of that year would be least favourable for you doing certain activities.

BaZi cannot predict your free will but can point out the choices that can be made in order for you to take responsibility and be in charge of your response. We can look at the patterns and rhythms of the energy and anticipate what could be the likely outcome, activities or circumstances that maybe in store for you. There is only one thing that's constant in life and that is change! If we can ride out the change - no matter if good or bad - we have the potential for transformation for the better.

This deeper aspect of the BaZi analysis will require you to look to a specific area such as personal finance, investments, business, career, health or relationships etc. Specific questions should be asked, such as : Will I be healthier this coming year, or is it the right time to launch this particular project?

We analyse the 10 stars, look at interactions between the Natal Chart, the 10 year luck cycles, the annual energy and the monthly energies, and look for auspicious and inauspicious moments (called combinations, clashes, harm etc). This enables the consultant to offer advice and solutions regarding your particular questions, hopefully enabling you to create positive changes for the better based on your individual BaZi Chart. We cannot change your destiny - that is up to you!

Please n
ote that the consultant will have already pre-analysed your BaZi chart prior to the consultation, thus saving valuable reading time, which is otherwise meant for the client, and therefore your consultant will be fully prepared for your BaZi reading, which is included in the cost.


If you would like an 60 minute consultation via Zoom discussing your Dynamic Advance Chinese Birth Chart, we have a standard £100 fee. A 4000 word written report is also available costing £120.

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