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Chinese Food Therapy

Food is Medicine

Within Chinese Medical food therapy, the foods natural energetic taste (Sour, Bitter, Sweet, Pungent and Salty) is taken into account along with the energetic properties of the food (Hot, Warm, Cool, Cold and neutral), which foods that naturally nourish the Yin or Yang - and of course all this knowledge is based on the individuals energetic "makeup" and what needs to be done to bring the body in balance. Generally Lydia will discuss this in her acupuncture treatments along with other treatment principles that can be done at home.
A full weeks food diary will be required, as well as short health questionnaire and tongue and pulse analysis at the clinic.

£80 for 45 minute consultation via zoom - please ask for the Food Diary Template to be emailed to you or pick one up in the clinic next time you are here!

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